The shadow line, La ligne d'ombre

Livre réalisé avec Edouard Baribeaud.

A book becomes the canvas on which the respective visions and inner imagesof two artists juxtapose. It acts as a boat on which the painters are travellers carried upstream of a river. This winding black ink current is in some ways "The shadow line", snaking through worlds, men and landscapes. Trailing the shadow line leads to the revelation of ancient traces, myths and stories forgotten at the heart of dark jungles, only partialy veiled by the modern world and its urban hallucinations. Laid on paper, the brushstroke helps not locating, but losing oneself on the brink of reality, to better perceive its outlandish and strange nature. It is a journey where walking the path is more important than the path itself.

20,5 x 28,5 cm, 28 pages, Impression numérique, 100 exemplaires numérotés
et signés.